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SPHER International is an international non-governmental human rights organization.  We are self-governed, democratic, and financially autonomous.  

Our Vision

Our Philsophy

Our Values

Our Goals and Objectives

SPHER International , Ltd.’s vision focuses on contributing to the welfare of humanity and the environment by focusing on the rights accorded through international environmental law (IEL), and international human rights law (HRL in order to develop a more humane global society, marked by tolerance and kindness.

SPHER International stresses the necessity of peace and stability as an essential basis for both human rights and environmental protection.

SPHER International , Ltd. believes that humanity is inherently good, and that this inherent goodness needs to be revived,encouraged, and supported in order to help all nations uphold fundamental human and environmental rights in a peaceful and stable society. SPHER International, Ltd. believes that we should all reflect upon our shared pasts and cultural similarities to enhance tolerance and respect for our fellow human beings and our shared stewardship of the earth. One of our organization’s fundamental missions is to encourage and enable a growing spirit of human decency towards one another, while also emphasizing the necessity of peace and stability as an essential basis for both human rights and environmental protection.

SPHER International, Ltd. is focused on initiatives aimed at protecting civilians in peace and war from violations of their fundamental rights. We also aim to prevent stability in order to protect both human and environments rights before violations occur. This is plus the fowling goals:

1.To protect and support human and environmental rights where threatened by political instability and conflict.

2. Tencouraging and consolidating the notion of peace and stability as an essential basis for human and environmental rights, using a variety of educational methods.

3. To encouraging governments and non-state actors to support and respect human rights and international environmental law.

4. Traising awareness, educating the public, and advocating for an understanding of the need to embrace the principles of these rights at all times.

5. To contribute to a more humane global society, marked by tolerance and kindness.

6. To call for ending any act of violence against human and environment.

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