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SPHER International is an international non-governmental human rights organization.  We are self-governed, democratic, and financially autonomous.  

Our Methods

 The revolutions throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Thailand, and now the Ukraine, have been accompanied by significant human rights and environmental rights violations. It is essential that peace and stability be resorted in order to achieve, and then protect human and environmental rights. Thus, SPHER International,Ltd. will address these issues by:

 1. Attract Attention, by using the media to withdraw public attention to the significant of human and environment rights in the base of peace and stability.

 2. Create Interest,carrying out research in an objective manner to highlight the intersection between human rights, environmental concerns, and peace and stability. Research will either be published or presented in a conference on the issue.

 3. Arouse Desire,by providing a publicly accessible resource for educating others about these issues.

 4. Call for Action,by liaising with international governmental and non-governmental organizations,and local civilians to open dialogues as to the reasons for humanitarian and environmental crises, as well as realistic solutions for addressing human rights and environmental abuses.

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