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SPHER International is an international non-governmental human rights organization.  We are self-governed, democratic, and financially autonomous.  

Our Activities

Our Achievements

 Our mission is different than the other organizations that focus solely on human rights or environmental rights, because we are focused on addressing both issues as they relate to each other. Furthermore, we are working on this issue from the perspective of emphasizing and promoting peace and stability.

At the moment, our business is to introduce services in the field of human and environmental rights, caring more on the basic human need (the right of life) and addressing the effect of peace and instability on violations of these rights and needs. We plan to deliver ouservices in awareness of the importance of peace and stability as an essential basis for human and environmental rights through the following activities:

 1. Educational programs, publications, events,seminars & conferences.

 2. Promote grants for training programs and environmental research.

 3. Articles & online consonants

 4. Develop and implement regional media education programs and documentaries.

 5. Sharing practices and case-studies with the public and related organization.

 6. Exploit advisory meetings.

 7. Awards and rewords
 Thus far, SPHER International, Ltd. has accomplished the following:
 1. Series of articles in Arabic newspapers (Al-Arab) by Dr. Asma AlKetbi – Founder and chairman of SPHER International. These articles discuss and analyze public awareness of stability as an essential basis for human and environmental rights. The articles document and explain reasons and results of the Arab Spring and other revolutions throughout history.

 2. Wrote and published a peace initiative for Syria, based on the principle of getting scientists and academics involved in establishing peace and compromise. 

 3. Visited Syrian Refugee camps in Lebanon (Ersal & AlBeqaa). 

 4. Visited 12 orphanages in New Delhi, India distributing Ramadan supplies for them. At present, SPHER is working on providing 100 beds, mattresses, and linens for the children. Additionally, SPHER International contributed to the provision of health care for 100 children suffering from skin infections.

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