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SPHER International is an international non-governmental human rights organization.  We are self-governed, democratic, and financially autonomous.  

Why Donate for SPHER International ?

Support Us !

1. We are ordinary people standing up for humanity and environmental rights around the world.

2. We are one of the only organizations focusing on these particular issues in conjunction with each other. There are few, or perhaps no other, organizations considering the interconnected relationship between human rights, environmental rights, and peace and stability.

3.Our achievements will have a huge impact, making the world better place and improving the lives of individuals. Your support makes our efforts more powerful and representative of others who care about the same issues.

 Supporting SPHER International with a regular gift is the best way you can help us achieve our long-term goals. Your money will help us supporting our work in many different ways:

 1. £5/month helps us educate the public, politicians and policy-makers about the significance of peace and stability as an essential basis for protecting human and environmental rights globally.

 2. £7/month allows our experts to attend international governmental meetings and stand up for human and environmental rights.

 3. £10/month enables us to send researchers around the world to investigate reports of human and environmental violations during political conflicts.

 Give a single donation of$20, $50, $100, or choose your own amount. Please let us know if it is a Memoriam gift.

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