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SPHER International is an international non-governmental human rights organization.  We are self-governed, democratic, and financially autonomous.  

Who We Are

Board of Directors 


The Society for the Protection of Human and Environmental Rights International, Ltd., (“SPHER” International) came into being as the result of a social medial analysis, polling professionals,including lawyers, medical doctors, scientists, researchers, and authors, about their concerns regarding current issues. Discussions revolved around the ongoing conflicts in the developing world, which have resulted in massive destruction, significant displacement of people, deaths of thousands of civilians, and degradation of the environment.

Ultimately, the analysis concluded that human rights issues are of the utmost importance to the international community, and that they are closely associated with environmental issues and stability. Accordingly,a human and environmental rights organization, with multi-cultural relevancy,and a multi-disciplinary approach is very much needed to promote the fundamental needs of peace and stability for protecting human and environmental rights.

At present,the organization is run by three directors:Dr. Asma AlKetbi as chairman, from United Arab Emirates, Dr. Fatin Karam, as Secretary from UK, and Ottupara FIroz Babu as Treasure from UK. They have all been on Boards of Directors of, or members in, non-profit organizations before they set up or join SPHER International. Dr. AlKetbi is a scientist, specializing in the environment and earth science. She is the CEO and founder of the Emirates Geographical Society, and was executive manager for Environmental Friend Society in Al-Ain-UAE (1999-2002). Dr. Karam has a medical background. Mr. Babuhas volunteered in several other organizations.

The director’s connections and passion towards human rights, environmental rights and promoting peace and stability is a major strength of the organization. All directors have philanthropic tendencies and truly desire to make the world a better place. They all use their professional backgrounds for the aid of the organization’s goals and objectives. 

SPHER International, Ltd. is headquartered in London.We are a private company limited by guarantee in England and Wales under registration number 08510651. Over the next few years, SPHER International hopes to expand, by opening local offices throughout the world.

SPHER International, Ltd. is an international, non-governmental organization that aims to secure and uphold the rights outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. SPHER International is committed under the fundamental principles of International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, and International Environmental Law. We area self-governed, democratic and financially autonomous organization, entirely will be supported by donations from supporters around the world.
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